Are you struggling to make sense of your life and your place in the world, to find where you can draw real meaning from, to discover your soul’s unique beauty and purpose? Are you hungry for deep roots? Are you having a difficult time breaking through interior barriers and self-created obstacles to becoming your truest and fullest self? Are the stories you hold leading you into suffering, failure, resistance, or hardship instead of fulfillment, passion, and adventure?

Are you feeling imbalanced or struggling with chronic illness, overcome by stress, anxiety, or exhaustion? Are you seeking a more holistic path toward healing and a more sustainable, life-giving way of being in the world?

Do you find yourself feeling like half the person you could be—mentally, spiritually, or physically? Do you feel disconnected, weighed down by grief, or like you’ve been simply going through the motions of life, unsure of what you have to offer the world? Are you seeking to grow and deepen spiritually, but feeling unsure of where to begin or where to go next?

Let me be your guide through the wilderness.

As a healer, spiritual guide, and counselor with many years of experience, I have a considerable set of therapeutic tools at my disposal. I generally encourage new clients to book an initial diagnostic consultation to determine what modalities will be most effective for them in their present circumstances. I'm currently offering general introductory consultations, which usually last about an hour, at only $45.00. Please click HERE to schedule your introductory consultation: 




I offer consultations in person in my clinical office space in Colorado Springs, Colorado, or by phone or video chat.

Initial consultations usually include conversation about the client's personal history—physical, spiritual, and psychological—and the problems or challenges they're currently experiencing. They also often include pulse-taking and other non-invasive diagnostic processes, and occasionally a brief divinatory reading with ogam or tarot. Initial consultation sessions are in themselves therapeutic and supportive for the client, in addition to helping me determine the best course of treatment.


To get an idea of the kinds of healing modalities I frequently employ in my practice, please see below.

Pathways of Transformation

Traditional Western Herbalism


Spiritual Direction & Counseling


Integrative Bodywork

Folk & Shamanistic Modalities

(More information on each of these approaches coming soon...)




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