Are you struggling to make sense of your life and your place in the world, to find where you can draw real meaning from, to discover your soul’s unique beauty and purpose? Are you hungry for deep roots? Are you having a difficult time breaking through interior barriers and self-created obstacles to becoming your truest and fullest self? Are the stories you hold leading you into suffering, failure, resistance, or hardship instead of fulfillment, passion, and adventure?

Are you feeling imbalanced or struggling with chronic illness, overcome by stress, anxiety, or exhaustion? Are you seeking a more holistic path toward healing and a more sustainable, life-giving way of being in the world?

Do you find yourself feeling like half the person you could be—mentally, spiritually, or physically? Do you feel disconnected, weighed down by grief, or like you’ve been simply going through the motions of life, unsure of what you have to offer the world? Are you seeking to grow and deepen spiritually, but feeling unsure of where to begin or where to go next?

Let me be your guide through the wilderness.

Holistic Healing Sessions & Personalized Consultations in Spiritual Plant Medicine (Traditional Western Herbalism)

Average Duration:


1.5 - 2 hours


$145 / session

Using as my primary modality a combination of traditional Western herbalism (including clinical diagnostic tools such as pulse-taking), health coaching, European shamanic and Gaelic folk healing traditions, counseling, and spiritual direction, this is a clinical diagnostic and consultative session with a phone or email follow-up (if needed) to transform your health in body, mind, heart, and soul. Usually this includes the prescription of a custom herbal formula compounded especially for your current needs. The cost of the formula is additional to the cost of the diagnostic session. (If subsequent sessions are necessary to address the same issue(s), follow-up consultations will be 1 hour and cost $95.)

Beyond the Woodland Verge

One-on-One Transformational Coaching, Spiritual Counseling

& Narrative Rebirthing

Cost: $90 / hour

We live in a time and culture of extraordinary pressure, toxic distraction, corrosive stories and unhelpful ideas about what’s actually important in life. Let me be your guide through the wilderness. I will work with you as your personal spiritual counselor, wayshower, and companion on the path of self-discovery, the total transformation, reinvention and/or reinvigoration of your daily life. Our sessions together, depending upon your particular needs, may include ancestral healing and reconnection, rewilding and re-rooting with the living Earth on which you walk, wisdom teaching, storytelling, the development and deepening of spiritual attunement and effective spiritual practices, facilitated life assessment, the creation and actualization of powerful, concrete action-plans for the life you wish to birth, the reshaping of your daily environment, the finding of potent plant and animal spirit allies to accompany you in your journey and help facilitate the changes you wish to make, and intuitive seership to guide us along the way.


I draw from my expertise in a number of holistic modalities to shape our sessions exactly to your needs, to both challenge and support you in a way that will be most conducive to you getting whole, coming fully alive, and coming into full alignment with your soul’s deepest purpose in this life.


What I call ‘narrative rebirthing’ is a process by which we firstly bring to conscious awareness the stories we’re telling ourselves, which shape our lives and our perceived limitations; secondly, we begin to unlearn those stories, and to replace them with stories—usually ancient mythic narratives with very deep roots and many layers of symbolic meaning, chosen by the storyteller—that are more life-giving, empowering, and can lead us toward the core of who we really are and what we have to offer the world.

A Light in the Earth:

One-on-One Spiritual Direction & Pastoral Counseling

Cost: $85 / hour

As a long-time spiritual director, I will help guide you through the spiritual, psychological, and practical, real-world factors of developing a sustainable and transformative spiritual practice—one that’s especially right for you, your personal lifestyle and typology. Taking on the development of meaningful spiritual practices—and making them into regular commitments that actually have the capacity to transform our lives—is a particularly challenging affair in today’s world. But the benefits, if successful, cannot be overstated. To do this, we need accomplished and experienced guides, with a bit of wisdom from the proverbial wayside. As a priest, former monastic, vowed religious, and long-time spiritual practitioner with deep roots and expertise in my ancestral Celtic traditions as well as in early Christian contemplative practices, I will be your guide and support along the thorny pathway toward a rooted, stable, and transformational spiritual life.

A Light in the Well:

Intuitive Readings (Therapeutic Divination with Ogam & Tarot)

Cost: $75 / hour

Divination, in its most deep-rooted and effective sense, is not what most people think of when they hear the term. It has nothing to do with fortune-telling or predicting the future. In actuality, divination is much more akin to creative therapy and spiritual counseling. Indeed, it can be a powerful tool to aid in both of those modalities. The images or symbols used in divination (for example, the images used in a deck of Tarot cards) circumvent the hang-ups of the rational mind and allow a person, with the guidance of a skilled reader, to access thought-patterns, feelings, inclinations, and potential solutions to problems that the conscious mind has not yet been able to perceive. Thus, divination, if properly employed, is a very powerful tool for self-discovery and transformational work.

I use two primary tools in my divination sessions with clients: Ogam (an ancient Celtic alphabet, carved onto fews or small pieces of wood, as used by my Irish and Scottish Ancestors), and Tarot (or occasionally other oracle card decks). Whatever outward form the tool takes, I am always listening with my intuition, and listening for the guidance of my Ancestors and spiritual allies, to see deeply into the heart of what’s really happening with the client, and to help frame a productive and spiritually edifying way forward in their life journey.

Under Oak & Ash:

Spiritual Direction & Wellness Monthly Subscription

Cost: $135 / month

A monthly source of nourishment and support for your journey into spiritual depth, discovery, transformation and wellness. This subscription package includes one free initial hour-long consultation, by phone or video chat (according to your preference), followed by a monthly thirty-minute spiritual direction and wellness check-in (by video chat or phone), as well as an exclusive, monthly spiritual reflection written by me, and one additional monthly email or phone session in which you are welcome to inquire or check in about any subject you wish, pertinent to your spiritual journey, to which I will provide a substantive response. This pathway provides you with the support of a well-traveled, qualified personal spiritual guide who will walk with you along the pilgrim pathway, offering guidance and wisdom rooted in many years of direct experience and in the ancient wisdom of ancestral European traditions.

This is a perfect option for those who don't live locally to me in the Colorado Springs area, who are for some reason home-bound, and/or simply want a less time- and cost-intensive way to receive authentic, substantive, and ongoing spiritual guidance in the midst of their daily routines. To sign up for this subscription package, please email me through the contact page to receive a PayPal link and to schedule a time for our initial consultation.

A Pilgrim's Cloak & Staff:




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