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Dear Friends: Welcome to my humble abode on the web. I offer spiritual direction, teaching, retreat leadership, ritual artistry, and advanced meditation instruction for folks from all religious and spiritual traditions (or none). As a monastic prior, ngakpa (yogī), priest, scholar, and lifelong spiritual practitioner in both Western and Indo-Tibetan contexts, I offer uniquely deep and expansive guidance to those who wish to transform their lives through integrating the perennial wisdom of the great contemplative and mystical traditions. I also create sacred art—including iconography, mālās, and other tools for the spiritual life—under my business name, Ancient Oak Ritual Arts. Presently I am accepting new clients for spiritual direction and meditation coaching, and receiving orders for custom mālās or mālā restoration. Have a look around here on the site, and please send me an email through the 'contact' page to inquire about spiritual direction, meditation coaching, booking me for teaching or retreats, ordering a custom mālā, or mālā repair. With peace and every blessing,   Father Brendan +  (Ngakpa Palden)


Learn more about Fr. Brendan:

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