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spiritual direction

Learn to let go into the already perfect flow of Being

Spiritual Direction and Meditation Instruction



Spiritual direction is fundamentally a monastic or ascetical tradition, and originates in the ancient custom of seeking out elders on the path of spiritual practice: seekers who have uncompromisingly dedicated their entire lives to the project of human transformation, who have borne fruit in that pursuit and therefore have something to offer others by way of direct guidance and support on the path. Traditionally, the one giving spiritual direction is therefore a monastic, yogi, or ascetic of some variety (depending on the cultural context). This is the tradition in which I was brought up over many years of practice, study, formation, and ascetical discipline, and the spirit in which I now offer teaching and guidance to others as a spiritual director. I am a monk, yogi, priest, and mystical theologian, so this work is what I live and breathe, and it is my honor to humbly offer whatever support I can to others along the way, in dedication to the wholling and liberation of every being.


We live in a time and cultural environment of extraordinary pressure, uncertainty, endless distraction, corrosive stories and unhelpful ideas about what’s actually important in human life. If one wishes to walk a genuine and fruitful spiritual path, therefore, it is crucial to have the guidance of a qualified teacher and wayshower who can point out the pitfalls before we fall into them, transmit to us genuine practices with transformational capacity, help us to integrate those processes and their results into our lives in a way that actually gets us nearer to the highest aims of human experience.


As a long-time spiritual director and monastic formator, I have accompanied many students and clients through the spiritual, psychological, and practical, real-world challenges of developing a sustainable and transformative spiritual life—one that’s especially right for the individual seeker. Taking on the development of meaningful spiritual disciplines—particularly meditative and contemplative practices, which are key in the spiritual journey—and making them into regular commitments that actually change our lives is a particularly challenging affair in today’s world; but the benefits, if achieved, cannot be overstated. In fact, I would argue that this is the single most important thing that any human being can pursue.


To bear fruit on the sometimes perilous path of spiritual development, we need accomplished and experienced guides, with plenty of wisdom from the proverbial wayside. For most of my life I have been a serious spiritual seeker and practitioner, and have cultivated deep roots of experiential knowledge not only in the monastic tradition and early contemplative practices of Christianity, but also in my ancestral Celtic traditions and the Western Mysteries at large, in Hinduism and Vajrayāna or Tāntric Buddhism, and in what some have called the Sophía Pernnis: the perennial wisdom tradition. It is my honor and calling to share this knowledge with others who are seeking real depth and transformation in this life.

Duration: 1 hour

Cost: $95 / session


If you wish to inquire about spiritual direction, you may contact me here to plan an initial consultation:




I offer consultations by phone or video chat. First-time consultations usually include conversation about the client's personal history and spiritual background, the challenges, aims, and desires they're currently holding. Initial consultation sessions are in themselves spiritual direction sessions, and supportive for the client, but also allow me to discern the best mode(s) of potential support going forward.

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