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Priest, monastic, yogī, spiritual director, writer, artisan, scholar and teacher of religion, Eastern and Western esoteric traditions, meditation and contemplative spirituality: chanting old rebel tales; tracing back song-streams of ancient wisdom; ferrying souls on the mythic riverways of human transformation; guiding folk from all walks of life back to their birthright of wholeness and freedom in unitive awareness.

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The central aim of my work, in all its iterations, is to help restore individuals and communities to wholeness: to facilitate a felt experience of reciprocal blessing and conscious interbeing in the great family of Nature, toward the one most needful end of the liberative awakening of all sentient beings.


I regularly give lectures, presentations, workshops, and retreats on a variety of subjects, including ascetical theology and mysticism in Christianity and Indo-Tibetan traditions, meditation and contemplative practices, prānāyāma, ancient Celtic spirituality and folklore, ecology and religion, Eastern and Western images of the sacred feminine, animism, non-dual theology, iconography, esoteric symbology and praxis in Catholic Christianity. If you’re interested in booking me for a lecture, workshop, or other event, please use the contact page here to email a request.

I hold terminal degrees in poetry and theology, an undergraduate degree in literary theory and folklore, and am presently a candidate for the PhD in religion. I’ve worked over the years as a professional artist; counselor; writer; clinical Western herbalist; healthcare, retreat, and university chaplain; and parish priest. I currently work in private practice as a spiritual director, teacher, meditation and yogic breathwork (prānāyāma) instructor. I am a priest of the Episcopal Church, and a fully professed traditional monastic, currently serving as founding Prior of The Communion of the Mystic Rose, a contemplative religious order of the Episcopal Church. I was previously ordained as a Buddhist monk in 2003.

In my work as a teacher, writer, and spiritual guide informed by the fruits of long labor in the contemplative life, I aim to help individuals and communities inhabit fresh (and often ancient) stories, to experience new depths of listening from the heart, to shed old narratives that are limiting and life-negating, and to learn to embody approaches to life and spirituality that empower and facilitate restorative, holistic, unitive, and life giving transformation—for the human community and for the whole of Nature.


I wish you all health, clarity, and peace.

          With every blessing,



(Ngakpa Palden)

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Certified Practitioner

of Acupressure & Reflexology

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