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'Bread and Salt, and the Old Words': Native Celtic Myth, Folklore, and Ritual in the Modern Search for Meaning and Ecologic Wholeness

Online  (Ongoing)

Cost: $169

In this online course we will encounter several powerful folktales from the Celtic nations, explore their symbolism, and plumb the depths of their ancient and largely forgotten invitations to interior reflection and transformation. We will then unpack some related wisdom teachings and ritual practices from these same deep-rooted cultural contexts, with an eye toward their practical application in contemporary Western contexts of cultural orphanhood, isolation, and disconnection from the living Earth and her non-human children.


This is an online course, structured in a four-week format, but is meant to be engaged by students at their own pace, so you may register at any time. It is a course that's designed and taught to university standards, but is also accessible to all, in a variety of ways—not only academically, but spiritually and experientially. It is open to anyone with an interest in folklore and native Celtic traditions (or native European traditions more broadly), regardless of prior study or experience.

The content of this online course, all accessible to you in perpetuity with one-time payment, includes:

  1. Multiple detailed audio teachings, sacred songs, invitations to reflection, guided journey meditations, and other instructions for integrative spiritual practice during each section or 'week' of the course

  2. The opportunity to ask questions of the instructor regarding course material at any time via email

  3. A detailed, formal bibliography for reference and further study


Earth, Sky and Sea: A Heart and Soul Immersion in Ancient Celtic Spirituality

November 22-24, 2019

La Foret

Black Forest, CO

Cost: $420 (lodging and meals included)

Join teacher, author, healer, storyteller, and theologian, Brendan Ellis Williams, for an immersive and experiential exploration of Gaelic and Welsh ancestral traditions. Together in the bonds of community, participants will explore deep-rooted threads of Celtic story, spirituality, theology, and contemplative practice.

Brendan teaches his ancestral Gaelic and Welsh traditions through a lens of rewilding and reclaiming, by experiential immersion of head and heart, body and soul, challenging popular assumptions regarding 'Celtic Christianity' and the oft romanticized traditions of his archaic Ancestors. He is author of the forthcoming book, Seeds from the Wild Verge: Myth, Nature, and Theology in the Border Stream of Celtic Wisdom (Wandering Words Media, 2020).

Lectures and Speaking Engagements

Average Duration:


1 hour


$120 per/hr

I frequently give lectures and short classes at universities, colleges, in parochial communities, local libraries, community centers, and other spaces of gathering and inquiry. Topics I am regularly asked to teach on in these contexts include:

Ecology and religion; the spiritual sickness of contemporary Western cultures; Western indigenous traditions; mythology and religion; Western European folklore and mythology; Western Christian history; contemplative life and practice; the history of Western ideas; Western Mysticism; Celtic ancestral lifeways; Creation-centered theology; liturgy and sacrament; symbol and metaphor  in religious thought and practice; destructive Western images of divinity; the problems of Abrahamic myth; indigenous healing traditions, spiritual plant medicine and traditional Western herbalism.

Ongoing Workshops & Retreats

Below are recurring workshops that I generally lead annually in Colorado, as well as information on my annual Mystery School, which runs from October to May each year.

Myth Camp

Story and the Soul's Deepest Journey (Summer)

Dates for 2020 workshop coming soon.

A Light in the Darkness

Winter Solstice Retreat (Mid-Winter)

Dates for 2020 workshop coming soon.

Plant Spirit Allies

A Journey in and with the Living Land (Spring)

Dates for 2020 workshop coming soon.



A seven-month, immersive experience of deep spiritual formation, learning, and community, framed by the wisdom of indigenous Celtic myth, folklore, spirituality, and lifeways.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of profound spiritual transformation with the rich support of indigenous European wisdom? Are you hungering for deep roots, for connection to chthonic depths of Beauty, to a restored sense of interbeing and interrelationality with the sacred, living Earth? Are you drawn to an immersive experience of ancient Gaelic and other Celtic myth, spirituality, and lifeways? Do you long to be part of an intimate community of spiritual learning, healing, and renewal? 


If so, then perhaps you’re being called by the Ancestors, by Spirit and the spirits to explore a new and ancient pathway of spiritual formation and initiation, to pierce the veil between worlds, to connect with the tutelary souls and mythic wisdom-streams of the great Celtic traditions, and with the vital, unseen dimensions of the sacred Land on which you walk.


You are, in that case, most warmly welcomed and invited to embark on a seven-month sacred journey with spiritual teacher, counselor, author, scholar of Celtic traditions, priest, healer, herbalist, and poet-seer, Brendan Ellis Williams. In this immersive journey of formation and transformation, you will be shaped both experientially and conceptually in the sacred lifeways of Brendan’s ancestral traditions of Irish, Scottish, and Welsh spirituality, and prepared in heart, mind, and soul for a culminating experience of sacramental initiation. This will be a journey of profound connection, healing, restoration, learning, re-rooting, rewilding, and re-membering.

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