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Seeds from the Wild Verge:

Myth, Nature, and Theology in the Border Stream of Celtic Wisdom

Lyric essays, stories, and articles from Brendan Ellis Williams, published by Wandering Words Media and Ancient Oak Ritual Arts. Available now through Amazon and other retailers! 

Where have we gone wrong in dominant Western culture and religion? And how might we begin to correct our destructive psychological, socio-cultural, and metaphysical patterns, to steer ourselves down a road of restoration, resacralization, and reconnection in the great communion of Nature? Advocating radical shifts in ideology, narrative, discourse, ritual, and lifestyle, Brendan Ellis Williams leads the reader on an expressionistic, erudite, and sometimes dreamlike journey toward ‘re-humation’ in the wisdom of the living Earth. This collection of lyric essays, articles, and stories stands as an open invitation to return to an ancient, challenging, and beautifully bright animistic world in which the reclamation and savoring of deep rooted but long forgotten ancestral lifeways feels like a tangible and attainable promise, rather than an object of mere anachronism or fantasy. These reflective writings carry in their visionary and shamanistic songlines the signature of that world of archaic experience, like an unexpected letter from an ancient ancestral caretaker.

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