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Bread and Salt, and the Old Words: Native Celtic Myth, Folklore, and Ritual in the Modern Search for Meaning and Ecologic Wholeness


Cost: $175

In this immersive online course we will encounter several powerful folktales from the Celtic nations, explore their symbolism, and plumb the depths of their ancient and largely forgotten invitations to interior reflection and transformation. We will then unpack some related wisdom teachings and ritual practices from these same deep-rooted cultural expressions, with an eye toward their practical application in contemporary Western contexts of cultural orphanhood, isolation, and disconnection from the living Earth and her non-human children.


This course is structured in a four-week format. It is designed and taught in a way that meets the highest academic standards, but is accessible to all—not only academically, but spiritually and experientially as well. It is open to anyone with an interest in folklore, story, and native Celtic traditions (or native European traditions more broadly), regardless of prior study or experience.


Students will work through the course material at their own pace, and have access to support from the instructor and fellow students, past and present, through the private Facebook Course Group.

The content of this online course, accessible to you in perpetuity with one-time registration and payment, includes:

  1. Multiple detailed audio teachings (two for each week of the course), including sacred songs and invitations to reflection

  2. Seven practicum recordings, with guided journey meditations, ideas for ritual, and other instructions for integrative spiritual practice (two offered during each of the first three weeks of the course, and one final guided practice during the final week)

  3. A private Facebook course Group where past and present students of the course can interact with one another, and with the instructor (Brendan Ellis Williams), and discuss course material

  4. The opportunity to ask questions of the instructor regarding course material at any time via the same Facebook Group

  5. A two-hour course meeting by video conference during the final (fourth) week of the course, where students can share experiences, challenges, and inspirations, and have a robust discussion about the material and its implications

  6. A detailed, formal bibliography for reference and further study


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