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I offer thorough, intuitive, holistic readings using Tarot, as well as my ancestral divination system of Ogam. (For more about these tools, see below.)

Here’s how a reading with me works:


1) You order the reading by clicking on the PayPal ‘Buy Now’ button below. (Note: If you have a PayPal account, please use your account balance to pay, rather than a debit or credit card, as this eliminates unnecessary fees.)

2) You email me (using the email at the bottom of this page, or through the ‘Contact’ page) with the following information:

a) Your name and birthdate (in the following format: 03/12/1978)

b) The question you want to have answered (please be as clear and concise as possible)

c) A bit of context around the question that you feel might help to frame it (this is optional, but encouraged)

d) A number you’ve chosen between 0 and 22 (the first one that comes to your mind, without any conscious deliberation)

e) Which modality you would like me to use for the reading—Tarot or Ogam (or, if you aren’t certain and would like me to choose, please specify that)

3) I confirm receipt of your email and question. I reflect on the question and context, and make a spiritual connection with you as the querent. Sometime over the following day or two, when the time feels optimal, I perform the reading. I then record a digital audio file for you, and take a photo of the spread.

4) I email you with the audio file (or a link to download it, if the file is too large to email), and the photograph of the spread for your reading, usually within 48 hours. If I am booked out and need more time for the reading, I will let you know this right away by email.

My style of reading is unique, because I organically incorporate into each session my knowledge and expertise as a spiritual director and teacher, priest, and traditional healer. It is a deep and involved process. The cost for a single reading, addressing one primary question, is $46.00. The recordings for these readings average between 30 and 45 minutes, though the process I undertake in the reading is much longer, as I approach each divination session with great care and attention, and do a good deal of reflection on your situation and question and the results of the reading before making the recording.

Book your reading now by clicking here:

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A Bit More About Divination

"What the tarot can be made to reveal is limited only by the capacity of understanding of the one using it." —C. C. Zain

Divination, in its most deep-rooted and efficacious sense, is not what most people think of when they hear terms like 'Tarot reading'. Divination, for instance, has nothing to do with fortune-telling or predicting the future. In actuality, the process of divination is chiefly about excavating natural, intuitive, and mythic patterns of truth that are already present but which the ordinary state of mind cannot perceive. The role of the seer or diviner, then, is to perceive those deeper structures of reality and reveal them in language to the querent or community. Divination can be a very powerful tool to aid in self-exploration, discernment, and interior work of all kinds. The images or symbols used in divination (for example, the archetypal images used in a deck of Tarot cards) circumvent the hang-ups of the rational mind and allow a skilled and intuitive reader to access insights and potential solutions to problems that the conscious mind has not yet been able to perceive. Thus, divination, properly employed, is an extremely effective methodology for facilitating deep self-discovery, personal development, transformation of one's mind, and, by extension, the circumstances of one's outward life.

I use two primary tools in my divination sessions with clients: Ogam (an ancient Gaelic alphabet, carved onto fews or small pieces of wood, as employed by my ancient Irish and Scottish Ancestors), and Tarot. Both are extremely potent in their own ways. Whatever outward form the tool takes, in doing a reading I am always listening deeply and intuitively for the guidance of my Ancestors and spiritual allies, and allowing the images and their vast matrices of attendant meanings to help me see deeply into the heart of what’s really happening with my client, and to help frame a productive and spiritually edifying way forward in his or her life journey.


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