spiritual direction & HEALING

Are you struggling to make sense of your life and your place in the world, to find where you can draw real meaning from, to discover your soul’s unique beauty and purpose? Are you hungry for deep roots? Are you having a difficult time breaking through interior barriers and self-created obstacles to becoming your truest and fullest self? Are the stories you hold leading you into suffering, failure, resistance, or hardship instead of fulfillment, passion, and adventure?

Are you feeling imbalanced or struggling with chronic illness, overcome by stress, anxiety, or exhaustion? Are you seeking a more holistic path toward healing and a more sustainable, life-giving way of being in the world?

Do you find yourself feeling like half the person you could be—mentally, spiritually, or physically? Do you feel disconnected, weighed down by grief, or like you’ve been simply going through the motions of life, unsure of what you have to offer the world? Are you seeking to grow and deepen spiritually, but feeling unsure of where to begin or where to go next?


Let me be your guide through the wilderness.

As a healer, priest, spiritual director and guide with many years of experience, I have a considerable set of therapeutic tools at my disposal. I generally encourage new clients to book an initial diagnostic consultation to determine what modalities will be most effective for them in their present circumstances. I'm currently offering general introductory consultations, which usually last about an hour, at only $55.00. Please click here to schedule your introductory consultation: 




I offer consultations by phone or video chat, and in person (outdoors) for those who are located in the Denver-Colorado Springs area.

Initial consultations usually include conversation about the client's personal history and the challenges, aims, and desires they're currently holding, as well as an exploration of how my particular gifts can be of service in healing those challenges or achieving those aims. Initial consultation sessions are in themselves therapeutic and supportive for the client, in addition to helping me determine the best mode(s) of service.


To get an idea of the kinds of healing and spiritually therapeutic modalities I frequently employ in my practice, please see below.

Pathways of Transformation

Spiritual Direction


We live in a time and cultural environment of extraordinary pressure, uncertainty, endless distraction, corrosive stories and unhelpful ideas about what’s actually important in life. Let me be your guide through that wilderness of unclarity, into a transformed, meaning-filled state of lucid perception, self-knowledge, and peace. I will work with you as your personal spiritual teacher, wayshower, and companion on the path of self-discovery, and in the total transformation, reinvention, and reinvigoration of your daily life. I will help to facilitate this transformation through the transmission of effectual and profoundly deep-rooted spiritual practices, and through ongoing guidance in integrating, maintaining, and deepening those practices. 


Our sessions together, depending upon your particular needs, may also include ancestral healing and reconnection, rewilding and restoration of spiritual relationship with the living Earth on which you walk, wisdom teaching, sacred storytelling, facilitated life assessment, the creation and actualization of powerful, concrete action-plans for the life you wish to birth, the reshaping of your daily environment, the finding of potent plant and animal spirit allies to accompany you in your journey and help facilitate the changes you wish to make, and intuitive seership to guide us along the way.


As a long-time spiritual director, I will accompany you through the spiritual, psychological, and practical, real-world factors of developing a sustainable and transformative spiritual life—one that’s especially right for you, your lifestyle and personality type. Taking on the development of meaningful spiritual disciplines—and making them into regular commitments that actually change our lives—is a particularly challenging affair in today’s world. But the benefits, if successful, cannot be overstated. To do this, we need accomplished and experienced guides, with plenty of wisdom from the proverbial wayside. As a priest, prior (i.e., leader and principal spiritual teacher) of a vowed religious community, and long-time spiritual practitioner with deep roots and expertise not only in the monastic tradition and early Christian contemplative practices, but also in my ancestral Celtic traditions and the Western Mysteries at large, I have the tools to teach and support you thoroughly along the thorny pathway toward a rooted, stable, and transformational spiritual life.

Average duration: 1 hour

Cost: $90 / session

Traditional Western Herbalism

Using a combinatory modality of traditional Western herbalism (including clinical diagnostic tools such as pulse-taking and tongue analysis), health coaching, European shamanic and Gaelic folk healing traditions, counseling and spiritual direction, this is a clinical diagnostic and consultative session with phone or email follow-up (if needed) to transform your health in body, mind, heart, and soul. Usually this includes the prescription of a custom herbal formula compounded especially for your current needs. The cost of the formula is additional to the cost of the diagnostic session. (If subsequent sessions are necessary to address the same issue(s), follow-up consultations will be 1 hour and cost $90.)

Average duration: 2 hours

Cost: $145 / session

Folk & Shamanistic Modalities


The shamanistic work I do is traditional, ‘old world’ healing and divination, grounded in the perennial ‘archaic techniques of ecstasy’ (as Mircea Eliade described them), and in the traditions of my particular ancestral inheritance. It is also informed by my extensive training and comparative work with indigenous healers of other cultures, beginning when I was sixteen years old. My work as a healer in this capacity does not fall into the category of ‘core shamanism’, i.e., the universalized, contemporarily accessible modes of shamanic work popularized by Michael Harner and others over the last several decades in North America. I employ deeply archaic and intensive techniques held by ancient shamanic functionaries to be requisite for entering the ecstatic state required to effectively shamanize.

I don’t cut corners, and my aim is always to enter the furthest depths of this work, which is rooted in my relationships with Ancestors and other guiding spirits. I reject the notion that shamanistic work should be sanitized in order to make it more accessible to modern Westerners. My view is that modern Westerners have a great deal to learn from the archaic, and should therefore cultivate the courage and openness of heart to authentically meet the work in its purest forms, wherever possible. As a healer and spiritual guide, I feel strongly that it is only in those archaic depths—not just of shamanic healing practices, but of ritual as a whole, of traditional story, of spiritual practice, of healing methodologies—that we will find and be able to reclaim the ancestral wisdom our souls now desperately need.

I offer all of what might be considered the ‘traditional modes’ of shamanic work: Otherworld divination, spirit communication, dream work, the retrieval of fragmented soul parts, spiritual cleansing and hands-on healing, guidance in ancestral reconnection and the healing of ancestral lineages, mediumistic consultation with the client’s Ancestors and other helping spirits. One of the forms of shamanic work most commonly requested is what in ancient Gaelic tradition we would call Glannad: a spiritual cleansing and healing session drawing on the powers of the three elements, the Ancestors, the spirits of plants and other helping souls allied with the healer in order to cleanse the client of unhelpful energies and spiritual blockages.

With the exception of Glannad, all the modes of spiritual work listed above are accomplished in part through intensive ceremony and trance-induction, and they are not something to be engaged in lightly, either by the healer or the client. Thus, to determine whether or not shamanic work is the right choice for your healing and the unfoldment of your spiritual path at the present time, an initial diagnostic consultation is required. Please note that if you do book a shamanic healing session with me (after an initial consultation confirms that this is indeed the right course of action), it will be required that you bring offerings of dried foods, beverages, flowers, and/or incense for the Ancestors and other spirits, which will be offered as part of the healing ceremony.

Average duration: varied

Cost: $100 / hour

Integrative Bodywork

I also offer traditional bodywork, using a combination of acupressure, reflexology (spine, scalp, auricular, foot, and hand), neurological entrainment, and integrative meridian therapy, combined with traditional energetic bodywork techniques learned from a number of teachers over a period of almost thirty years.

*Please note that, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, I am only offering bodywork on a very limited basis, and am no longer offering this service in my clinical office space.

Average duration: 1 hour

Cost: $85 / session