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Embark on a sacred journey over Otherworld seas, in pursuit of the undying light of Wisdom and its Source.

Our sacred sojourn of a year-and-a-day will begin at the holy Feast of Samhain (Oct. 30th, 2020). Students will journey through the wheel of Nature’s beautiful unfoldment, through the blessed Summerlands, returning to the Samhain Threshold to meet the luminous ordeal of Initiation.

The work of each pilgrim who sets out on this journey will be that of ancestral reconnection and healing (wherever one's Ancestors might hail from); of mythic immersion and instruction by oral tradition and story, the indigenous European way; of ritual and celebration; of navigating the darkened cave of initiatory experience in order to emerge more whole, remade, re-membered; of returning to the way of reciprocity, of walking beautifully on the Earth, surrounded by newly forged relationships with the unseen world that will nourish, guide, and support for a lifetime—and perhaps beyond.

In the spirit of the ancient European Mystery Schools, this journey will be not merely a course of book-learning (though it will include some of that), but primarily a pathway of interior development at the soul level, wherein each student is supported by loving community, authentic spiritual direction, ritual, magic, and ever deepening instruction along a river-course of profound renewal and transformation. Direct, personal experience will be our guiding light throughout, as the veil is lifted and you are equipped and invited to pass into a new understanding of yourself, of the world in which we dwell, of the cosmos, of death, of the sacred art of deep, fully connected and reciprocal living.

As it was in the old world, sojourners on this transformative path will be guided and taught by an experienced seer and spiritual wayshower (fili, taibhsear, or seanghal in Gaelic tradition)—and by the Gods and Ancestors of Gaelic and Welsh traditions, the Spirits of the Land, and the sacred Earth Herself—through storytelling, spiritual direction, meditation, the skillful, poetic employment of ancient Celtic myth and symbology, immersion in natural landscape, and the facilitation of powerful esoteric practice, liturgy, and communal connection.

Students will come together with Brendan three times throughout the twelve-month course, for three-day periods of in-person formational experience, at the ancient Feasts and high holy days, in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Eastern Colorado. In between these in-person immersions, they will follow a carefully crafted curriculum of study and spiritual practice, with ongoing guidance from Brendan and ongoing support from their fellow travelers.

Instructions for applying to the 2020-2021 cohort, updated curriculum and forms coming soon!

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