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Wild & Sacred Ireland



Journey with author, teacher, storyteller, traditional healer, folklorist, priest, and mystical theologian, Brendan Ellis Williams, to the mythic and spiritual heart of Éire, of this Middle World, and beyond.


In deepest heart, in blood and bone, in spirit and soil, be wholly and humbly welcomed to this intimate communal pilgrimage. God our Divine Mother, the Ancestors, and the spirits of Ériu, Banbha, and Fódla willing, we will pass together on this wayside sojourn through a series of holy veils—and perhaps even through the veil: the one between this ordinarily perceptible world and the Otherworld. Together we will weave mythic threads, plunge our poor pilgrim heads in the vibrant and life-giving waters of holy springs, sing ancient songs we didn’t expect to sing, share stories round fires we may have only yet heard in long-distant lifetimes, and seek to touch something truly deep in our souls and in the sacred Land. Let this pilgrim pathway be a homecoming, a deep-well draught for the parched and world-weary soul. Let it be a quiet but resounding chant rising up through the starry skies of our common and deeply rooted human inheritance, a threefold blessing flowing into our hearts from Earth, Sky, and Sea, and out again to help heal a spirit-starved culture of materialism and dissipation, which has lost its hold on real myth and meaning. The path we walk together will not be a consumptive one, not a tour-bus tour of ‘top places to see’, but rather a communal pilgrimage in the deepest sense: its shape will be more that of liturgy, of contemplation, of humble offering, of unapologetic wonderment, of soul-given oblation, of ritualized longing, of poetic gift. In other words, we will respectfully seek the depth, rather than consumeristically seeking the breadth. If your heart is so called, may you, fellow traveler, shed now the iron shackles of conditioned expectation and join me at the gathering stone. Already the mists are drawing back, and the sacred road now lies before us. Let it be gently and generously blessed. +

To inquire about this pilgrimage, please use the Contact page.

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